The city built on the water

Refined luxury, mask mysticism, romance in the air and breathtaking unique Venice beauty.

The magical Venice, enchanting and fascinating everyone gives the privileged opportunity to admire architectural pieces surrounded by water. The architecture, engineering solutions, the perfect sophistication and the never ending beauty, lasting for various ages merge here: you will not find anything of it anywhere else in the world. No matter the weather the city with the mystique and romance in the air is unique. A gondola ride through the narrow water channels compliments that atmosphere of love and leaves everyone speechless. The civil marriage takes place at the historical municipality palace of Venice, where the terrace opens to the marvelous view to the channel and the water flow together with impressive facades of buildings make it a dream come true. Your wedding could take place at the local restaurants or at the luxurious aristocratic residencies with the view to the lagoon.

@vestuvės italijoje 2017
Draudžiama Vestuvės Italijoje informaciją ir nuotraukas naudoti be sutikimo.
by Taika Ström