The town of Roman Emperors

Renaissance masterpiece fountain park Villa D’Este and gourmet “alla romana” menu

Tivoli is a small, cozy and antique town of Roman Emperors, easily accessible from Rome: about 30 km of Rome. City is up on the hill, therefore the amazing view to Rome opens from almost every side. The town is famous for the Villa d’Este, the Renaissance masterpiece, known as one of the best parks in Europe; famous for its precise ever green garden and for its profusion of fountains. Villa Adriana is another monument, a true architectural beauty. After the marriage ceremony at the municipality of Tivoli, decorated with frescoes, the photoshoot of the newly-weds might be set either at Villa d’Este or at Villa Adriana. The result will be as if you were doing the photoshoot for a fashion magazine, while you will have your dinner at the amazing restaurant next to the Temple of Vesta.

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    by Taika Ström