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I am a wedding planner, travel and food blogger addicted to Italy sharing what Italy has the best.

Rome, Venice, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, the island of Capri, Como and Garda lakes… I followed my instincts for life and love and I left my heart in Italy. I got to know Italian cities intimately, enough to lose myself in their streets. I met people, I can now call friends. I speak their language, I live their traditions.  I can not imagine my life without morning cappuccino and warm cornetto, sunrays on my face, ciao bella in the street, spaghetti on a spinning fork, passionate Italian temperament, la dolce vita lifestyle emotions, made in Italy quality, running Vespa with the wind in my hair, good quality of the food , and most important without her la più bella del mondo – Italia.

Every city and region left me with its impression, its flavors, its colors, its soul. When I organize the wedding&events. I want to give a form of these sensations to my couple, through the work of italians. I wish to create a unique event, where each couple can freely express their own personality and style, following their own dreams, exclusively designed in Italy, with an expression of love and elegance for real beauty.

In organizing a wedding or events, I want to convey emotions and new feelings through the excellent Italian work and hospitality, high class service and quality food, wonderful nature and historic sites, Italian elegance and sophistication, together with the simple, non-binding, stylish naturalness, as well as professional and / full attention only to you. I am a unique event where every couple can freely express their personality, style and desires.

I live in Rome for ten years. I will organize weddings, events and gastronomic tours in Italy from 2014. For all the planning details, I take care of myself, in direct contact with professionals in every field. Acquired Master of Economics, practice in a global business consulting company, work travel across Europe, allows you to communicate freely with your customers and understand their desires. It does not matter whether it’s a romantic wedding for two, a lovely family holiday or a luxurious party in prestigious places in Italy. What do you choose when everything is possible?

From Italy with love,

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